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MPX-1g RDS Edition - FM-RDS Encoder

MPX-1g RDS Edition - FM-RDS Encoder

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  • 1-channel dynamic RDS/RBDS Encoder 
  • Complete UECP support 
  • Off-the-shelf option package  

The MPX-1g RDS Edition is a dedicated option package for the generation of a RDS/RDBS signal. It comes readily equipped with an RDS Encoder module. 

Integrates seamlessly: The MPX-1g RDS Edition is the perfect fit for existing and new FM-RDS distribution chains and is a full replacement of the 2wcom C02 and C04 RDS Encoders. It supports the dynamic generation of a full-featured RDS signal. 

Off-the-shelf option package: The MPX-1g RDS Edition contains exactly the software and hardware modules required for a pure RDS Generator. The package includes a single internal AC power supply, RDS Encoder module as well as analog and digital interfaces for 19 kHz pilot and RDS output. 

If additional functionality is required in addition to the RDS functionality, please refer to the MPX-1g FM-MPX Generator which can be flexibly equipped with software and hardware to fulfil more advanced requirements, such as stereo encoder, backup via Audio over IP, µMPX and DAB/FM tuner for rebroadcasting. 

RDS Encoder Module: 

  • RDS Standards: UECP 7.05, CENELEC EN 50067, IEC 62106 
  • Up to 16 data sets available 
  • Scrolling PS to show messages of up to 160 characters 
  • UECP via DTE (2x), IP ports (4x) or Ancillary Data (AoIP Decoder optional)
  • Compatible with Arcos Config or ARCOS Network for RDS encoder fleet 
  • Built-in RDS decoder for live view, enables detailed analysis with RDSLab software 

Smart management: The MPX-1g is fully configurable via a web interface or remotely via SNMPv2. In addition, the device offers real-time statistics and monitoring RDS parameters and live on-air monitoring at transmitter sites is possible by a build-in RDS decoder. 

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